I read Apple’s real privacy policy and realized that Apple and Apple’s Executives are hypocrites.


In 2020, Apple hit a major achievement in the Tech Industry. Apple surpassed 1.5 billion active devices around the world according to this article. Many people buy Apple products for ‘higher status’, for iMessage, ‘it's just convenient to buy an iPhone’, etc. But some people buy Apple products for only one reason: privacy. Privacy has become one of the most relevant topics since the birth of social media and the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal. Apple has now become the face of privacy. Wall Street Journal…

Why Investors are worried about the company’s future after the opening of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC)


On December 16, 2016, Elon Musk tweets about being stuck in LA traffic and decided to do something about it. From his tweets, it was clear that he wanted an underground transportation system. A transportation system that enables Tesla cars to travel at a maximum speed of 125miles/hr (200km/hr) would be a dream come true for everyone. Or at least for tesla owners and Elon Musk fans. And naturally, everyone hyped up Boring Company’s CGI rendered promotional video about how influential Boring…

The Critical Thinker

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